Calling new Moms and Moms-to-be! Looking for a safe low impact form of exercise that can be adapted to your individual strengths/weaknesses as well as each stage of your pregnancy and beyond?


Benefits of Pilates classes during Pregnancy

Pelvic floor strengthening (to guard against embarrassing accidents!)

Flexibility and balance (as weight of pregnancy increases)

Improves posture and relief from lower back pain

Increases blood/oxygen circulation to the womb with correct breathing patterns

Improves breath control (during delivery)

Core muscle strengthening and stamina (for the delivery)

Energises and relaxes the body


Then Pilates is for you!

You can commence or return to Pilates classes 4-6 weeks after a natural delivery or 8-12 weeks after a C-section

Benefits of Pilates classes after Pregnancy

Tightening/strengthening of the pelvic floor after birth

Core muscle strengthening to cope with the additional lifting and carrying of baby and paraphernalia

Posture correction to prevent lower back injury when constantly bending over cots and baths

Regaining stability of pelvic girdle which is often compromised with the softening of ligaments during pregnancy

Overall symmetrical lengthening and toning of the body